Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SNOWDAY...Or Snow Week!

Sunday Night It began to snow...and snow! This was Monday morning when Winslow saw snow for the first time. It began around 3 a.m. This was about 7 a.m. We got a call that school would be closed. Cory began shoveling...and shoveling. Before he went up to ski. And when he got back he sholved some more. What the heck! The snow plow blocked the driveway with a huge birm after Cory cleared it.
Then the second day everything was very icy and we had another snow day off of school. We were able to venture out and keep dentist appointments in Orange County. But....when we got home during the night we got dumped on. It has been snowing all day and night. They have declared a full week off of school. We are officially snowed in. All major freeways around us are closed. We can't even get around the village.
Then Cory shoveld some more....We took a chance and drove on unplowed roads to help the Holzendorffs shovel. We had to use 4x4 low. Cory is a shoveling machine! Driving thru town, Park street looked like this.
This is the most snow we have ever had since we moved to Wrightwood. Look at the front porch. If you can find it....

The snow is covering the porch to the railing. We can't open the front door.

The back deck was completely covered to the railing also. Cory makes a path and tunnel for the dogs. That is our picnic table. Winslow climbed on top and jumped off into the back yard on the other side. Mom was worried he would sufficate. The snow was even with the deck in the yard on the other side.

Cory shoveled some more so Winslow couldn't do that again. He is sooo disappointed. He thinks he is a husky snow dog....not!
O.k. Cory gives a hug!
This is the front porch this evening. Look how high the snow is.

Looking out the front of the house.
And more snow tonight!

Utah, Kylie, Shooting, and Sking

I usually go to Utah for the week of Thanksgiving. This year I was not planning to go. I just finished the last of the 7 scrapbook albums for Kyile from birth to high school graduation. Yep, that was 7 years ago and it took 7 years to complete 7 books. Also I finished her Police graduation album. When Kylie mentioned she was having mouth surgery just before Thanksgiving and that I could come up then, well being "MOM", I felt I had to help her. So it worked out to take up her books. They were to costly to mail anyway and much much to valuable. Cory asked if he go go sking as his Christmas present and since Kevin was unable to go with Cory , Cory took a friend, Derek. So off we set for a Utah adventure. We were going to drive, but Kylie found super cheap tickets if we just drove to Vegas and left from there. We parked our car at Uncle Randy's house and he shuttled us to and from the airport. Plus, we got to visit with the Randy Irwin family which was fun. Randy cooks up a good dinner! At the airport, we went through the security check and Derek forgot he had a tiny "leatherman " knife in his backpack. After surrendering it and much laughing we were on our way. (Kylie says they usually give a very big fine for that, but we were lucky and the security girl was very nice)
Cory and his friend Derek : After Kylie's surgery on Friday, the boys went out bowling and Mom stayed home to take care of Kylie. But the next day, Kylie felt better and took us shooting up the canyon with her new gun. What a blast. Even though Kylie was not feeling good, she wanted the boys to have fun. Cory hasn't been there for a long time and she wanted him to enjoy himself.
Kylie shows the boys how to handle the gun. They were very nervous about it.

Mom, however, is the bomb at shooting! Kylie taught her well. She is now hooked! Infact, too hooked. She loves it!
Cory getting comfortable and figuing out his aim.
He's got it now......Ready, Aim, Blow him away!
Kylie and Aaron have at it with the target. Who is the better marksman???
Kylie got a bullseye!
And there goes Cory again.
Derek was a good shot too!
This is the target. Cory sent pictures to Kevin from his phone and they looked like a real person. They had Kevin thinking that Derek shot someone like Dick Chainy did. It was very funny!
On Monday the boys went sking up at Brighton and had a great time!
They were so excited to ski Utah

Then Kylie took us to the airport where she was on duty. As we were waiting for our flight, We got to see Kylie make a arrest and cuff the guy and take him off. Of course, that was a picture moment!

Taking Winslow for a ride

Kevin came up to visit Winslow. He has gotten so big. Kevin was very surprised at how BIG! Sooo, they decided to take pictures of him and go for a ride. Saddle Up Boys!

Yorba Linda Fire

When Ro came out of the Marie Osmond signing, she saw smoke at a distance. She asked a woman out front if any word on where the fire was. She replied that it was off the 91 @ gypsum canyon. What a chill! That is Brenna's off ramp. She lives in the houses right there and the river bed is in the back of her house off of La Palma. In a panic she tried to reach Brenna. However, being a beautiful week-end in November, they took off to the beach. When finally getting a hold of her, (she had no idea they were under manditory evacuation) she headed for home. Unable to get through, they stood watching what appeared to be their neighborhood burning. These are her pictures which she has a better detailed summery on her blog. We managed to get down to her and sit with them at Scott's parent's house waiting for the news.
After all was done and they were able to get back in, this was her chimmney and the only damage they sustained.
The girls talking to the firemen who faught the fire trying to save their school

The only damage to their school was a melted playground
As they stood across from their house watchin the flames at what appeared to be their house and neighborhood burning
The fire coming toward their home

Corys #1 Science Project

Cory had to do a project of a plant cell. It had to be 100% ediable. He mad this out of cookie dough and candy. The teacher loved it and gave him a A and he also got one of the top votes which gave him extra credit as well. Good job!

X-Country 08...or not

X-country this year for Cory was a bust. He started out to run this year, and then developed some sort of breathing problem. He had a couple of close calls when exercising. He did try to run this one race, which resulted in difficulty breathing so he took the rest of the season off. He is now gearing up for track season.

Halloween 08

Cory and his friends still trick or treat. Hey, candy is candy!
Cory was very proud of his robot costume. His friend Derek was a bag of popcorn. He popped corn for something like 4 hours to fill the bag. Cory made his costume after school at the last minute while waiting for Derek to fill his bag. They went all around Wrightwood, walking in the rain leaving a popcorn trail.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update! Update! Finally an update!

It has been so long since we have updated our family blog. We have had many fun events in our family to share. Let's waste no more time, but get right down to updating you all (goodness, I sound like Ami).

Corys 16th Birthday

Since everyone was home for Jeffs Wedding, The family got together at Brennas house for Corys birthday. It was great fun! We had a family favorite dinner of "PORK ROLL". (defenitaly not spam). He got the most outragious present from the Prestons. Unfortunatly that pic was deleted off. It was his Borat Suit which showed most of his Birthday Suit! We all had a great laugh. Later on his actual birthday mom,dad, and Kevin went to dinner at B.J.'s Pizza. Cory also got his drivers permit.

Jeff and Kim's Wedding

The Bride and Groom
Kim full of Emotion on her Wedding Day
The Happy Couple

The Brothers
The Sisters
Mom And Jeff
Mom Jeff and Dad
Our Family
A Happy Groom