Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tubing with Brenna and Rilynn

We got a lot of snow and before it melts away, Brenna and Rilynn came to play. While waiting to go tubing at Mountain High (Cory worked enough hours to get us all free passes) we played at the park for a bit. Brenna's friend Marie joined us. She is now staying here with her parents so it was easy for Brenna to see her as well.

Grandma Ro and Rilynn Brenna and Rilynn ride the snow dishes

Ri makes a snowball....Watch out....Fight!

And there she goes....down the hill

Ri, RO and Marie ready for a ride
It was hard to take a good picture because of the glare...or maybe mom just couldn't see good. But this is Rilynn, Brenna and Marie forming a chain and coming down on the far right all together
Going up the people mover for another ride

Grandma Ro tries the belly spin.
Rilynn was getting cranky so Brenna decided to cool her off by putting her head in the snow.
That did not go over well.....duh!
Back at grandma's, Ri wanted to build a snowman on Grandma's porch.
He's a mighty fine "Frosty" and Rilynn was quite proud. Granma promised to take a picture everyday and send it to Rilynn so she can watch him melt.