Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girls Day at Huntington Library

Ro has never been to the Huntington Library. It has always been a dream to go there. Brenna has a membership and invited Grandma Ro for a day at the library with the girls. She even packed a great picnic lunch which we ate by the lilly pond. It was such a warm sunny day and perfect.
Grandma Ro and her grand girls, Princess Kardin and Princess Rilynn. Two of Grandma's favorite princesses! She has 4 grand daughter princesses. Not counting Kylie who still thinks she's one too.Cooling off fingers on a hot day.

Rilynn kept going back to this magnet. It separates the iron (I think) from the soil, or sand?

At the garden gate

Smells so sweet....No Bees allowed!

What's the saying? Out of the mouth of ........Lions?

It was such a lovely day! Thank you to my girls for making a dream come true for an "old woman" ....Wow, that was a lot of walking in heels.

Vegas to see Maebelle

Back in the "80's the Church had a Lamonite Program. It worked very much like a exchange program for the Navajo children from Arizona. We were blessed by having a young Navajo girl named Maebelle come to our home. The program was set up as a foster program, and she became our foster daughter. We treasured the time she spent with our family. She left the program early to return to her family and the reservation. Over the years we lost contact with her. But she never forgot us and spent a great deal of time searching for her California family. She found us several months ago. Kylie was going to be in Vegas for New Years. Maebelle lives approx. 6 and 1/2 hrs away from Vegas. So, it seemed like the perfect time and place for a reunion. Brenna and the girls came to spend the night so we could leave early and drive to Vegas. We were all so excited to see Maebelle.
Sleepy girls (Rilynn and Kardin) ready for the adventure.
Everyone meets on the strip and has lunch at some great mexican resturant

Ro, her girls and grand girls....So wish Ami and her girls were here too!

Dad gets in the picture too!

The whole group at lunch. We exchanged presents, hugs and stories.

Maebelle, her daughter Claudia, her nephew Jason, and the man in Mae's life. We are so glad to have been together once again!

Christmas Eve at Brenna's

Christmas Eve was celebrated at Brenna's this year. Keeping with tradition, we had soup and corn bread. This year it was celebrated with the Paoletti's and the Pizzino Family. Uncle Phil was able to leave the facility with Aunt Jo. It was the "Italian way" so to speak. Everyone eats with their mouth open while old Italian custom.
UM....What is Grammy drinking? Honest it's fruit punch!
Kevin and Jolly Ole" Grammy
Uncle Phil just loved baby Kardin.
The boys introduced Uncle Phil to Wii. Or so we thought. Later, after Brenna took up collections through several contacts to get one for his facility, we found out that the facility has a Wii which Uncle Phil plays all the time.

Also, keeping with tradition of looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve in new P.J.s....A tradition we have had since all the children were very small and continued even as they grew and were married
All adult Irwin Children and spouses received the best P.J.'s ever! P.J.'s with Christmas lights.
It was a fun night. Ro worked for a very long time giving the best gifts ever (besides the P.J.'s). She managed to do memory scrapbooks for all. Including Grammy who got a scrapbook calander. Kim and Jeff, and Brenna and Scott received their Wedding Album scrapbooks. They took the longest, but they turned out so beautiful. Kevin got a scrapbook of Winslow his dog. And all the grandkids received a memory book . Making all these books was truely a memory for Ro.