Friday, April 18, 2008

California Irwins Visit the Texas Birds

Our trip to Texas was full of adventures and lots of fun. Grandma Ro and Cory flew there, while Grandpa Mike drove his semi-truck. Grandpa arrived first and spent the day with the kids at the park. Last time grandpa took the kids to the park Rilynn broke her arm (elbow). This time Trenton broke his arm (wrist). Everyone had fun giving poor grandpa a bad time about parks being off limits for him unless there are rubber things for them to bounce off of.
Meanwhile: The adventure began for Ro and Cory who almost missed their flight.
They closed the doors of the plane and started pulling away before we could find a left over isle seat. Saturday was full of fun going to Cami and Kadie's soccer game. Cami scored 3 goals and Kadie played tough.

Trenton was unable to play due to his injury-but he took team pics.
Then it was off to Mac's baseball game where he made a run into home for his team!
After we all napped we went to Kemah Boardwalk. We all road the Ferris Wheel and a few of us braved the very wicked roller coaster. Ro and Mac paid the price for the trill afterward. Mac's chest and shoulder and Ro's back hurt so bad. But, Grandma Hainey came to our rescue with icy hot patches.

We all went out for pizza. Ro and Grandma Hainey shared in the backaches while Trenton was simply exausted from a long day.

The Special Day: Mac's Baptism
The Bird Family: Scott, Ami, Trenton, Mac, Cami, and Kadie
Our families shared the special day with Mac.
Ami and Mac
Ro and Cory began the adventure back home. Our plane left Houston and went to Denver, Co. There our plane had a switch and was on the way to Tampa, Fl. instead of LAX??? SO, we finally figured out just before they pulled away that we were being routed to Vegas. So we quickly caught that plane. In Vegas, we were told that there was another switch and our crew was going to North Carolina. We finally left Vegas for LAX. Upon arrival we found out Cory's bag went to Tampa.
Beautiful Snowcapped Colorado
Flying over 15 freeway looking towards Wrightwood on the way to LAX
WHEW! What adventures we had. It was all worth it to be with our Texas Birds!

Bruce Springsteen

Albert (Ro's brother) and friend Art took Ro to see "THE BOSS" in concert. We had excellent seats as you can see. There were no cameras allowed at all. We tried twice to get some pics and almost got our cameras taken away. But we managed to snap a few good ones.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ro's get away to Utah

At the last minute, our Bishop said he and their family were going to Utah and had a extra seat in their car. They offered a ride to go to see Kylie and Aaron and Ro hitched the ride.
On Friday night, Kylie and Aaron took mom to the Mayan Restaurant.
What a treat!
We had the best seats for the cliff diveing show. I think Aaron tipped the guy for those great seats.
Us two.
She's such a flirt!
And mom dosen't get out much as you can see....
Us two again....Who's that girl trying to get in on our picture?
Girls Day..Shopping, Lunch at Cafe' Rio , (Yum) and then a comedy show at Wise Guys.
Easter at Chucks....playing a game with barn animals. I want to say it was called Snort it ?? That sounds just WRONG!
Ro went to lunch with the Yorba Linda Lunch Bunch: Patti Howard, Meri Eliason, Linda Kump, and Lori Lutz

Meet Winslow

Kevin found this little 6-7-week old pup in the parking lot of Jensens. He brought him home and named him Winslow. The vet thought he was a Chow Mix, but we have recently learned that he most certainly is a Akita Mix. We tried to find him another home after the other dogs and he didn't take to each other. We even tried to give him to Brenna as a housewarming gift. No one wanted this little orphan except some guy outside of Walmart that Mike was going to give him to. (He may eat dogs for all we know). And by that time, Kevin and I could not give him up. We are finding a lot of interesting things about this breed. They are very loyal to their family. They will fight and die for their family, and will battle a wild bear to protect them without backing down. They are used as guard dogs and therapy dogs. Yea, after having an Akita, you need therapy!
Helen Keller had the very first Akita in the United States. With proper training they may like you.
He was 10.8 pounds here. In three weeks he has grown to 21 pounds. But...He will get to be 100 to 130 pounds. And....they are not good outside dogs. They must be inside. Hmmm!
When he could fit in Mike's coat to be sneaked into a track meet. Try that a few pounds from now....Not!

Kevin gets his own car

The car: '97 Honda Civic
Kevin and his car
Kevin in his car

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Winter Formal

Kevin and Cory went to Winter Formal. They went in a big group. Some had dates such as Kevin and Charlette, of course. Others just went as part of the group.
Cory loved his "Brady Bunch" suit.
Why is Cory hugging Jason?
The big group picture.
Kevin and Cory doing what they do best....being a crack up!
Cory is a chick magnet in that suit.
Kevin and Charlette
The guys....and one little sister!