Monday, July 27, 2009

Once again it has been along time since we updated our blog. There really wasn't too much happening for a while and now we have it all up to date. Enjoy the time with the Irwins as you browse through our latest family events. Always remember:
Having somewhere to go is HOME
Having someone to love is FAMILY
Having both is a BLESSING

Rockin the house

Ami came to visit. Grandma Ro could hardly wait till they arrived in Wrightwood.
The plan was to spend the night and go to the Country Club in the morning for the day.
The kids discovered that we had Rock Band. While Ami and I watched the "Bachlorette", the kids were practicing for a concert. During the commercial they gave us a concert
that rocked the house
T-Bird plays a mean guitar
Cami takes the vocals
Mac on Drums (with Kadie working the foot pedal)

A Day At The Country Club

The kids love to go to the country club which is just a glorified swimming hole. It is the only thing here to o in Wrightwood, but it is great summertime fun.
In order to swim the whole lake and go on the trampoline, divingboard and other lake toys you have to pass a 5 min. swim test. A one min. test lets you just go off the diving board. All the kids tried to pass. You had to tred water for 5 min. than swim to the rope.
The boys were the only ones to do it!
They got their bracelets to be able to go anywhere in the lake
What a face!!!
Cami tries out the slide
Ami has a new super duper camera. She's a great photographer
and always ready for the shot
Grandma Ro and the girls soaking up the sun......
with plenty of sun screen
Cami trying to pull Granma Ro into the slimy tadpole water
Look at that smile!
T-Bird had stitches above his eye. But Ami did a good job bandaging
them so he could enjoy the day
Mac has the coolest spot on the lake!

The Santa Ana Zoo

On Wednesday Ami invited me to go to the Santa Ana Zoo with her and the kids. It was so much fun. I haven't been there since my kids were very small.
Grandma Ro and Kadie share a hug
T-Bird and Mac enjoy watching the monkeys
A mama monkey recently had a baby and was swinging trough the trees with
the baby hanging on her back.
Kadie, T, Cami, and Mac watching the animal show
Mama monkey and baby
Four of the cutest grand kids EVER!!!!
Of course their mom is beautiful too.....
Ami and Kadie share hugs
Look at these animals of a human nature....
Kadie and Mac
Everyone had to pet the chicken that looked like a furry dog

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ro's Ride

Ro loves to ride her bike at the beach instead of here in the mountains. Of course I wanted a pink one, but the boys helped me pick out this one called the "Gypsi"
It has a ding ding bell, fancy basket and handpainted wheels.....ummm just need the tiny dog
If I could figure out how to hook it to the back of the bike rack I would probably get more ride time

Ro's Kitchen

Ro took some pics of her Kitchen....
She just loves her kitchen but wishes she still had family at home to cook for.
Since Ro can only grow dirt, she has to have a wall garden
And you never have to weed the garden
The kitchen is open for breakfast anytime

It's Hurdle Time

Cory had a short season in X-Country this year due to difficulty with breathing. But he recovered and was ready to do track. Kevin taught him well last year when he helped coach
Cory is really better than he thinks....but he has more fun just being Cory and socializing
Cory and his friend Derek
checking out the hurdles......
The Guys
Jacob, Derek and Cory
Cory carries the batton in the relayGo...Go....Jump!
And the track season comes to a end for '09