Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update! Update! Finally an update!

It has been so long since we have updated our family blog. We have had many fun events in our family to share. Let's waste no more time, but get right down to updating you all (goodness, I sound like Ami).

Corys 16th Birthday

Since everyone was home for Jeffs Wedding, The family got together at Brennas house for Corys birthday. It was great fun! We had a family favorite dinner of "PORK ROLL". (defenitaly not spam). He got the most outragious present from the Prestons. Unfortunatly that pic was deleted off. It was his Borat Suit which showed most of his Birthday Suit! We all had a great laugh. Later on his actual birthday mom,dad, and Kevin went to dinner at B.J.'s Pizza. Cory also got his drivers permit.

Jeff and Kim's Wedding

The Bride and Groom
Kim full of Emotion on her Wedding Day
The Happy Couple

The Brothers
The Sisters
Mom And Jeff
Mom Jeff and Dad
Our Family
A Happy Groom

Jeff and Kim's Family (Pre Wedding )Dinner

A week before the Wedding, we held a family pre wedding dinner at Brenna and Scott's house.
The engaged couple: soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Irwin
Decorated in the Wedding colors: Brown and Tan
Scott and Jeff: Poseing for the camera

Kim's Parents: Tammy and Dan

Brenna and Kevin Have A Birthday

Brenna and Kevin have birthdays close together. We usually end up celebrating them together as a family. Mom was able to provide Brenna with her own day though by taking her to lunch. The time spent together was a special day. Here are some pics from the family celebration.
How many candles????
Enough to start a fire!
. Just look at those sweet faces

Friday, October 3, 2008

Summer 08

During the summer, the Birds came out to Calif. and we were all able to enjoy some good ole' summer time fun with the family. Why they spent some time at the beach with Grandpa Mike and the Irwin side of the family (catch pics on their blogs) Grandma Ro went to Utah to the Ro - deo. (rodeo). Since Kylie now works at the airport as a officer, she got to see her in action at work. It was pretty exciting. Mom even got a escort , lights and all to the freeway to help her find the way. We traveled 1 hour for lunch to a burger bar . The Rodeo was so much fun. I do believe we should make it a tradition. Check out our cowgirl hats....Pink of course. Then Mom learned how to shoot um up! Computers and boxes that is. Turns out, she's a pretty good shot! When Mom returned to Calif. she spent alot of time doing fun things with the Birds.

Kylie's new wheels has lights and sirens
Who else would travel an hour for a burger???Awa, Yes there was someone else as crazy. They were the ones taking our picture.
Going to the Ro-deo!
Pretty in Pink
Load up that gun!(YIKES)
Kylie teaches mom how to aim....then shoot
Ready...Aim....Let it Rip

Mom did pretty good! Got most on board and alot around the BULL! And that's not Bull, she really did!

Grandma Ro and the girls had a tea party night. We had milk and cookies, watched princess movies stayed up VERY late. But first, we took Winslow for a walk and made sure he was fed. Each girl took a turn walking him. Cami worked very hard to be brave. Winslow just loved her. He thought she was gental and loved giving kisses.

After Grandma Ro's sleep over with the girls, we met Ami and Brenna and all the kids to go to the O.C. Fair. On the way there there was a Earth Quake and everyone felt it. Cells were not working and power was off for a bit. But everyone had a fun-tastic day.
Grandma Ro and Kardintaking a break out of the sun
Looks like 4 smiling monkeys to me.......
Who's bigger, Kadie or the Funnel Cake?
Brenna and miss Karden Kay
Everyone wanted to pose with the rodeo clown

Mammoth Mountain Bike Trip

Cory and several friends took a mountain biking trip up to Mammoth. They had a expierence of a life time. The weather was great. Why the boys were riding, Ro spent time at the condo scrapbooking, exploring, sitting in the spa and enjoying the quiet. One afternoon Ro went on the gondola to the very tippy top. You could see all the way to Reno. And as she looked down she could see the boys riding the trail.

July 4th and the Monster Truck Show

This was a very different way to spend the 4th of July. Kevin, Cory and their friends Charlette, and Jason and mom went to the Monster Truck Show. There was also freestyle motorcross as well. Then followed by some different fireworks. The Firework show at the fairplex was called "KABOOM" This first truck was driven by a tiny girl. Trucks just aren't for boys...

Kevin and Charlette enjoying a moment
Cory being "Cory" for the camera The motorcycle show was exciting