Monday, July 27, 2009

A Day At The Country Club

The kids love to go to the country club which is just a glorified swimming hole. It is the only thing here to o in Wrightwood, but it is great summertime fun.
In order to swim the whole lake and go on the trampoline, divingboard and other lake toys you have to pass a 5 min. swim test. A one min. test lets you just go off the diving board. All the kids tried to pass. You had to tred water for 5 min. than swim to the rope.
The boys were the only ones to do it!
They got their bracelets to be able to go anywhere in the lake
What a face!!!
Cami tries out the slide
Ami has a new super duper camera. She's a great photographer
and always ready for the shot
Grandma Ro and the girls soaking up the sun......
with plenty of sun screen
Cami trying to pull Granma Ro into the slimy tadpole water
Look at that smile!
T-Bird had stitches above his eye. But Ami did a good job bandaging
them so he could enjoy the day
Mac has the coolest spot on the lake!

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